Sir’s Bright Star by Sir York, winner of the 2003 Limited Breeder’s Stake. Photo courtesy of Chris Larson

The American Saddlebred Futurity of Wisconsin is one of the largest Saddlebred Futurities in the country!! Since 1987, Wisconsin Futurity has paid out over $948,366 in prize money. In 1985, an innovative idea promoting the American Saddlebred was developed…..the Wisconsin Futurity Limited Breeder’s Class. A unique competition…..whereby only one weanling sired by each qualified “Limited Breeder’s Stallion” is eligible to compete. For more information on this opportunity for your Saddlebred foals, go to the Limited Breeder’s Class page.

The Wisconsin Futurity also offers prize money in our Open Futurity classes for weanlings, yearling, 2 yr. old’s, and 3 yr. old’s. Together, in these classes, we have paid over $307,950 since 1987.

Limited Breeders Weanling Stake Prize Money Paid
(Inception through 2003)

2003 Prize Money:94,7322003 Prize Money:94,7322003 Prize Money:94,7322002 Prize Money:63,0002002 Prize Money:63,0002002 Prize Money:63,0002001 Prize Money:89,0002001 Prize Money:89,0002001 Prize Money:89,0002000 Prize Money:69,0002000 Prize Money:69,0002000 Prize Money:69,0001999 Prize Money:76,8001999 Prize Money:76,8001999 Prize Money:76,8001998 Prize Money:61,5001998 Prize Money:61,5001998 Prize Money:61,5001997 Prize Money:58,0501997 Prize Money:58,0501997 Prize Money:58,0501996 Prize Money:49,6001996 Prize Money:49,6001996 Prize Money:49,6001995 Prize Money:47,7151995 Prize Money:47,7151995 Prize Money:47,7151994 Prize Money:54,3511994 Prize Money:54,3511994 Prize Money:54,3511993 Prize Money:52,0001993 Prize Money:52,0001993 Prize Money:52,0001992 Prize Money:56,6001992 Prize Money:56,6001992 Prize Money:56,6001991 Prize Money:54,2001991 Prize Money:54,2001991 Prize Money:54,2001990 Prize Money:48,0001990 Prize Money:48,0001990 Prize Money:48,0001989 Prize Money:41,6001989 Prize Money:41,6001989 Prize Money:41,6001988 Prize Money:24,0001988 Prize Money:24,0001988 Prize Money:24,0001987 Prize Money:17,0001987 Prize Money:17,0001987 Prize Money:17,000

So, go ahead and join us to win prize money with your American Saddlebred colt or filly. Our membership page will give you all the information you need in order to become a member and receive all of our mailings throughout the year.