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The American Saddlebred & The WI Futurity
…Wisconsin is Saddlebred Country!
Since the beginning of time, a certain type of horse has been fixed in the mind’s eye of man; a proud, high stepping horse with an arched neck and nostrils flared. Early American horse breeders succeeded in bringing this beautiful picture to life in the American Saddlebred. The American Saddlebred was developed by eighteenth century colonists who sought a good-looking, sensible and adaptable animal to ride and drive. Saddlebreds trace their ancestry to ancient English ambling horses through the legendary Narrangansett Pacers of colonial times. Breed type was established by the time of the American Revolution, when Narrangansetts were crossed with imported Thoroughbreds. Early breeders took care to maintain the easy gaits, and added beauty, size and strength.

Wisconsin has established a healthy Saddlebred industry which continues to grow year after year. Our state is the home of some of the finest breeders, trainers and year-round facilities in the nation. One example of this enthusiasm is the American Saddlebred Horse Breeder’s Futurity of Wisconsin. Our association was developed by a group of avid Wisconsin Saddlebred horse enthusiasts who wanted to get together and improve the breeding and incentives for all Saddlebred breeders throughout the country. Thus, the American Saddlebred Horse Breeder’s Futurity of Wisconsin was born.

Purpose Statement
The Purpose of this Association is to promote the breeding, development, exhibition, marketing, sale and ownership of American Saddlebred Horses; to encourage the production and exhibition and to improve the quality of breeding stock by offering monetary rewards, emoluments and other inducements to breeders; to create mutual confidence and respect between breeders and buyers; to promote educational programs and to better marketing methods, and to carry on publicity campaigns and generally to do any and all things necessary or expedient in the betterment of the breeding and marketing of American Saddlebred Horses. The corporation shall be authorized to hold title to real estate and property and to cooperate with other associations in the furtherance of corporate purposes.